NAC (other than my S6 is in the barn) How do I SAFELY dispose of agas tank?

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sun Jul 24 16:58:15 EDT 2005

There's a product the environmentalists use to sop up fuel when there's
been a spill/crash.  Your local fire department would have it.  Someone
must supply it to them.  If they won't lend you a pound or two, maybe
they'll tell you where you can get it.  That should sop up the liquid.
Fumes, I guess, just have to dissipate.

At 02:24 PM 7/24/2005 -0400, LL - NY wrote:
>Looking for collective list wisdom.
>Found an old gas tank with gas in it in my new (to me)
>garage. It appears to have about 2 - 3 gallons in it. I plan 
>to siphon the remainder, but how do I deal with the fumes?
>I have a salvage guy coming this week to take it, IF it's empty.
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