what are the good ones?

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I must agree and concur on this as well. I think it is more a matter of buying the 'right' used car of any brand. I own three drivable Audis (and one parts car) ranging from 1984-1988 model years. Each was also purchased with over 175k miles on the ticker. I was very picky in buying each of these cars, and I have not had major issues with any of them. Heck, two of them don't even leak a single drop of oil. The usual used car replacements like alternator here, water pump there, have happened and are expected. But I have had just as many issues (or less) compared to friends of mine that have purchased used rice.

My $.02...


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> nick maraschiello wrote:
> > Which Audi Quattros from about 88-93 do I want to stay away from? 
> Which
> > ones are the better (less problems) ones?
> The better ones are any Honda or Toyota from those years.

I know it was a tongue in cheek answer, but my BTDT with comparable age/mileage Japanese cars owned by friends and relatives don't bear this out at all.  On a atoyoT and adnoH of similar age (and MUCH less mileage) than the Audi's, maintenance was just as intense, and parts were actually harder to get and more expen$ive most of the time.  I would have to give the Honda a much bigger nod than the Toyota (both 1989's), especially when it came to parts prices and availability.  This doesn't even take RUST into account.  Both the Honda and Toyota are long gone to the big bone yard (thankfully) in the sky, and the Audi's are still on the road.

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