Audi 100 Starting Problems

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Jul 24 18:14:30 EDT 2005

What year is your car?

> Well you guys helped me get my audi started before, so I figured I would 
> ask again. Well it finally quit firing (guess I got a bad Distributer 
> Cap from the junk yard) So I went out and bought a new cap and rotor 
> from Pep Boys. Installed it, and the car fires and cranks, but before it 
> will start something makes a loud bang. Also if I try cranking it when 
> the battery is low, after the bang it will stop trying to crank at all. 
> Could this be a started problem? And if so, where is the starter on 
> these vehicles. I heard rumors that you have to pull the tranny on some 
> Audi's to replace the starter, but I don't have the car here right now 
> and cannot look for myself. Any incite to what the bang could be, or why 
> I can get it started is appreciated.

Huw Powell

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