NAC (other than my S6 is in the barn) How do I SAFELY dispose of agas tank?

George Selby gselby4x4 at
Mon Jul 25 02:27:27 EDT 2005

At 08:45 PM 7/24/05, you wrote:
>Your local fire department would have it.  Someone
>must supply it to them.  If they won't lend you a pound or two, maybe
>they'll tell you where you can get it.  That should sop up the liquid.
>Fumes, I guess, just have to dissipate.

I wouldn't tell anyone that didn't already know about the tank about the 
tank, if you catch my drift.

Just drain it, and leave it outside the barn situated so it will drip out 
into a catch pan, and leave as many caps off as possible.  Leave it well 
out of the way, so no stray ignition source will ignite the fumes.  It will 
be fume-free enough for the salvage guy in a couple of days, after all, 
they get tanks an average of half full, so they are used to dealing with 
fumey tanks.  He probably just doesn't want to transport the tank with gas 
in it (makes a potentially explosive mess.) My local salvage guy used to 
leave the gas in the tanks until they were crushed, but now he is draining 
them and saving it before they go into the yard.

I just thought of the old mechanics trick for when welding on a tank was 
required - fill the tank with water.

George Selby 

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