Radio Unlock on a A8 Delta CC

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Mon Jul 25 21:51:02 EDT 2005

If you don't have the radio serial # and the VIN you're out of luck.
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Subject: Radio Unlock on a A8 Delta CC

Well after a friend browed my A8 this weekend and he asked, "How come a $70k
car doesn't have automatic lights?"
I ask why, and he goes on about how he killed the batt and the radio is safe
I have the original radio book with the code, but it doesn't work.
I guess the radio has been replaced or something.

So how do I get the radio out to check the real serial number?

How much of a pain is it to get the right code from the Audi dealer? (and
what should I expect to pay?)

Has anyone used this service?

I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow afternoon and it would be nice to have some
tunes for the next week. Any info is greatly appreciated.
Britt Crowell
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