[urq] 1.8T or V8? Decisions, decisions...

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 26 00:56:35 EDT 2005

Which brings us the the newest "fun" engine, the 2.0T. Having driven quite a number of the A3's and A4's with this engine, I can't wait till they start coming available.
It is about 10 times the engine that the 1.8 was, and that was truely a great one in its own right.
The tricky part is going to be making the Newer engines run in an older car. I'm not sure if 034 EFI or it's counterparts are setup for FSI, but if wo that would be the way to go. We'll just have to wait and see!!
Tony Hoffman

Louis_Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com wrote:
A few (positive) comments:

1- GO ! Do it ! An urQ must have a turbo motor. Leave the V8 to the big
2- You'll be losing that fabulous 5 cylinder growl, which is sad...
3- ...but you'll be in a good position to "upgrade" to a neu-Jetta 5
cylinder (with a custom turbo, of course) when these engines will be
available for cheap...

Finally, I guess the harder task will be which engine management to use:
new cars all have the multiplexed electrical system, so going to a custom
setup might be the "easiest" way to go.

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