5ks A/C oil charge?

Kunz, Bob bob.kunz at hp.com
Tue Jul 26 23:21:46 EDT 2005

I'm replacing the compressor on my '86 5ks and charging it up with R12.
Bentley specifies the refrigerant charge at 1.1 kg but says nothing
about the oil charge. I'll have a completely empty and flushed out
system, new receiver/dryer (all the R12 is already gone). So I need the
total oil capacity. This car has the Nippondenso compressor.


The closest data I've found is the specification for a R134 conversion
where total oil is 10.2 oz with 2.7 oz in the compressor. Of course this
is for PAG oil and I'll be using mineral oil but it would seem logical
to use these amounts... unless someone has the actual specification for
the original R12 system. Anyone?




'86 5ks avant

'02 TTQR

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