typ44: So i took my saggy headliner out tonite.......

JordanVw at aol.com JordanVw at aol.com
Tue Jul 26 23:45:35 EDT 2005

well it was bitchin hot and humid here in pa.. and i just about had it with 
that brown foam sh*t getting all over the '86 5kT when i had the windows 
down...  so i finally took the headliner out.. 

what a PITA..    anyway, i have a headliner from a '84 5kT - the vinyl one - 
you know, the one that doesnt sag -  and im gonna be putting it into the '86.. 
  the major difference i noticed is, that the '86 has a aluminum trim frame 
around the sunroof opening, held up by tabs thru slots..wheras the 84 sunroof 
perimeter was just glued on...  can i retrofit the 86 sunroof trim piece onto 
the 84 headliner?

also, how the heck do i get the sunroof panel off?   
and what kind of glue do you use when gluing the headliner back on?

any tips would be appreciated...


'86 5kT

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