Sunroof Removal on 5000/100/200/V8

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Wed Jul 27 12:09:04 EDT 2005

I just pulled mine (five minutes). I've been meaning to do it, and your questions gave me the motivation I needed. Anyhow, the screws go as follows:
4 screws from the inside holding the motor in place - pull after putting the sunroof to the rear.
one screw on each side holding the wind deflector bars in place. 
two screws on each side holding the wind deflector in place
two screws in the center of the sunroof (the ones with the smaller head)
one screw on each side at the very rear of each of the guide rails.
Slide the sunroof forward all of the way very carefully so as not to scratch it. pull it up slightly and slide it forward a bit more. When the rear seal has nearly cleared, pull it up out of the hole and slide it the rest of the way out.
The disssasembly will be in the second email.
Tony Hoffman

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