Type 44 hydraulic pump resealed, but. . .

Dennis Unsworth unzie at ixi.net
Wed Jul 27 18:56:59 EDT 2005

Pump on the '90 200 TQ was resealed with the ZF-made kit to fix some seeping
and a trickle from one of the little o-rings. Used the step-by-step
instructions posted by listers. The shaft seal was not replaced, but all
o-rings were.

Looked pretty good till we cranked the wheel from lock to lock to bleed. At
the lock point, fluid runs from the bottom bolt on the rear of the pump in a
stream about the size of a toothpick.

The mating surfaces were checked and appeared flat. There was a pock
mark/indentation in the aluminum housing as if a small piece of metal had
been lodged there on a previous resealing, but it didn't appear to be a
problem at the time and there were no washouts apparent to indicate it'd
been leaking there. No leak like this prior to the reseal.

Any BTDT's or theories on what's going on? Next steps? Can wear on the
pistons cause pressure in the wrong places on these pumps?



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