My car in Phoenix

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Thu Jul 28 22:29:14 EDT 2005

Kent McLean <kentmclean at> writes:

> I may be wrong, but you should be able to find a tow company
> on your own, pay for it with your credit card, then have AAA
> reimburse you.  But when your bank account is thin, that may
> not work for you.

Yes, you are VERY wrong.  AAA will reimburse up to their limit for the
tow.  Most tow companies charge LOTS more than AAA will allow.  Get a
$100 tow, AAA says it's worth $25, you eat the $75 difference.  It gets
worse the longer the distance.  With AAA you should always contact them
first, they may indeed have to contract a tow company if they don't have
an affiliated company in the area, for which they'll pay.  You contact
the same tow company on your own and you're in for an unpleasant surprise
when the reimbursement check comes.  

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