My car in Phoenix

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Fri Jul 29 01:03:58 EDT 2005

Hi Fay and All,

In a way I'm glad you didn't get it towed yet, for I wanted to warn you
about the Arizona tows, even those under the auspices of AAA.  My car was
towed from a motel to Mountain VW, I think, the local Audi dealer at the
time, and the front of the car was lifted and towed on the rear wheels which
was okay for the short distance.  I discovered several hours later that the
tow driver had hooked onto a CVJ boot and torn it severely causing it lose
most of its grease.  I had to backtrack to Flagstaff and get that same
dealer to replace the boot at a very high cost.  

Moral:  Either have them carry it on a "Jerrdan" style(flat bed wheels off
the ground) or be sure that they know that they're not supposed to hook
their safety chains on the CVJ's on the half shafts.


Jim Jordan

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>  I have spent hours on the phone with AAA and they say they 
>  cannot find a company who will take the difference between 
>  100 mile towing and the actual distance, which I paid 
>  $156.00 to the last towing company.
>  They claim that no one will take a credit car IN ADVANCE in 
>  order to pay the difference before they pick the car up and 
>  take it to my home.
>  This is the weirdess thing I have ever seen.  They also 
>  claim the having a Phoenix car tow the car to Flagstaff is 
>  somehow different than a Flagstaff car going to pick up the 
>  car and bring it back to Phoenix . . . from each location is 
>  one round trip.
>  This makes no sense to me at all.
>  Cheers,  Fay
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