Mid 80's, period correct radios: which one ?

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Jul 29 17:03:34 EDT 2005

> I found the "perfect" period correct, urQuattro radio, according to Phil
> Payne:
> http://www.isham-research.co.uk/quattro/wiring/Typ85/mcc994.html
> Now, finding a working unit in North America might be difficult... :-)

As would *using* it here... at the very least, its coolest function 
(that strong station search thing) would be mostly useless because we 
don't have a few main stations broadcasting from lots of antennas the 
way the UK & Germany do.  Unless you count Clear Channel.

The one exception would be some Public Radio systems, where there are a 
handful of station in an area, perhaps broadcasting the same feed.

The other issue is, does it cover the same bands in the same fashion (FM 
88-108 mHz/AM whereever it is) as are used for broadcast here in the States?

Huw Powell



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