5000TQ deceleration and stalling

barry at moonbeast.com barry at moonbeast.com
Fri Jul 29 18:13:24 EDT 2005

That may be a source for idling woes, but it wouldn't seem so in my case.  My 
O2 sensor is all of two months old -- I got a "generic" three-wire sensor from 
Napa.  Works great, but didn't do much for my idle problem.


Quoting Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com>:

> barry at moonbeast.com wrote:
> > In any case-- after I got the throttle switch resoldered, the behavior of
> the 
> > car is MUCH improved.  It starts right away and idles fine; however, about
> a 
> > minute or so later, the idle drops to about 500rpm and it struggles, so it
> > would seem that I haven't completely solved the problem.  After blipping
> the 
> > throttle a few times the idle settles again to about 900rpm. 
> Do the 5000s have an O2 sensor?  An O2 sensor be going bad may
> let the idle drop when cold, but as the sensor warms up, it
> starts working normally.
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