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Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at
Sat Jul 30 15:22:46 EDT 2005

I want to sell my nice old '89 Audi for parts and my husband likes 
the car so much . . .
in fact he was the one who wanted me to get that particular one ... that he
wants to fix it!   and keep it as a back up car ~ :-/

(Funny, he should have taken better car of my beloved car when she was alive!)

I am still reeling from the shock!!!  I kid you not !  But it does 
have a tone of new parts, distributor,
etc.  Just needs a better engine I guess.  Someone said just do the 
something or other,
but I am afraid the damage is pretty extensive.  And it IS OLD!

I know that I am re-hashing an old question, but I will in a number 
of weeks have another very nice and
very reliable Audi to drive so my transportation is not an issue.   It will be
totally workable when I get it, so it won't need to go to Audi 
dealership except
for oil changes and car washing.  :-)  ;-)    ;-)

So I am wondering ... since he has a handyman business and is very 
busy and tired
a lot, if any one things that this project is worth the trouble.

He has changed a timing belt, changed axels and done every thing except
change a transmission and the engine.

I am also concerned if I nix his offer to help, that that might not 
go well either.
I guess I really don't have anything to lose except the garage space 
for my newer car.
I wonder if he really feels that guilty now that he is offering to 
help.  Funny how
things change.

He is looking at it sitting in the driveway and is probably sorry he 
was so abusive to it. ;-)

What would it cost just in parts to replace the engine and the stuff 
that would accompany
that project.

Thanks - Cat

Clean your monitor from the inside? 

a.k.a.   Fay

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