Static in LF speaker only at low RPMs - (mystery solved)

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at
Sun Jul 31 00:43:47 EDT 2005

Thanks for the responses & ideas I rec'd about this.  As it turns out, ears
were deceiving me--I took the lower dash cover off, and the "static" noise
was actually coming from the intermittent wiper relay.  The noise was
resonating under the dash and into the cabin, and the close proximity of
speaker to the fuse box made it hard to distinguish.  Interestingly, I could
hear almost nothing under the hood, but the sound in the cabin was quite
I guess this also explains why the problem had begun to only happen
intermittently.  Note to self: check that all relays are OK.  Then buy new
ones anyway. 
Jonathan Monetti
'02 A4q 1.8t
'87.5 Coupe GT


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Subject: Static in LF speaker only at low RPMs
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I am an electrical spaz.  I really have very little skill in troubleshooting
anything with flowing electrons, so I'll just ask, since archives & web
didn't help me much here: 
-My CGT has static in the left front speaker (only).  Radio on or off,
doesn't matter.  Comes on at idle, varies with engine speed, and dissipates
as engine approached 1500 RPM and is gone by about 2000 RPM.  
I would have thought that a bad ground would give me static in all speaker,
and all ground connections seem fine anyway, but but what do I know--I'm a
Any insight into narrowing this down would be much appreciated--starting to
drive me a little batty.  
Jonathan Monetti
'02 A4q 1.8t
'87.5 Coupe GT


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