Huw Powell audi at
Sun Jul 31 19:11:52 EDT 2005

Geez Chris, lighten up...

> I just said "pay for the tow" because really... what's $100-$200 to
> get your car where you want it?  Whoever was talking about a tow being
> $400 or whatever, give me a break. 

The car was a couple humdred miles from home.  I don't know what tow 
trucks charge where you live, but the going rate is at least $2/mile 
these days - if you're lucky.

> Plenty of garages near where your car broke
> down can -probably- diagnose and fix your problem just fine, you don't
> need to tow it 600 miles to your favorite "foreign specialist".

If you'd been paying attention, Fay has been trying to find *one* 
trustworthy, knowledgable and competent shop in her area since moving. 
The engine was cooked due to overheating problems.  It needed to come 
home so decisions could be made about what to do.

> I know poor college students that could (and would) swing paying for a
> tow without asking a group of people the best way to cheat their
> insurance co. / AAA out of more than 1 free tow. 

Um, all she was trying to do was arrange for a tow where AAA covered 
their 100 miles of the deal and not get ripped off for the balance.

> Doesn't seem like
> the thread even belonged on the list in the first place really... it's
> more about AAA than AAAudi.

Yes, it seems that way, but it was a regular lister's Audi getting towed 
in... and if AAA+ isn't one of the most potent tools in the "old Audi 
owners" box I don't know what is.

The fact that sometimes AAA are difficult to deal with makes it 
appropriate to come to your car friends to ask for advice - just like 
buying a battery tender.

Anyway, the list is admin'd by the people who actually run it.  It's 
their (Brett & Dan's) call, and apparently the topic/thread is just fine 
with them.

Huw Powell

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