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I think that's kinda funny that no one caught on for so long.  

I'm waiting for people to realize that one product that you're
supposed to stick in your air intake to "swirl" the air around doesn't
do anything either.  I'm sure there are plenty of people that have put
those in their cars and say "I gained 15 horsepower!"  lol

On 5/28/05, Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> On May 28, 2005, at 11:00 AM, LL - NY wrote:
> > One would assume the actors and endorsers can plea ignorance.
> >
> > They could:    know nothing about automobiles, their function, etc.
> > After all, they're
> >                               professional actors, not auto
> > "technicians".
> Good point- but IMHO they're not presenting themselves as actors.
> They're presenting themselves as members of the public, and
> recounting what they present as personal experiences.  The companies
> that did "testing" presented themselves as qualified industry testing
> facilities.
>   The FTC transcript (I think?) lacked any subtitles to the effect
> of "professional actor"...just a "your results may vary".  If that
> story was handed to them, then claiming it was their experience on TV
> for the purpose of selling a product seems like fraud to me, and they
> were fully aware they were doing so.  I guess the actors can claim
> "they said they were going to put 'professional actor' at the bottom
> of the screen", but unless that's in writing in the contract, they'd
> have a hard time proving this.
> Of course, neither of us are lawyers, we just play ones on a mailing
> list :-)
> (reminds me of Barney Frank: "We're not just doctors, we play them on
> C-SPAN!")
> Brett
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