Miricle oil additive?

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I agree with the Castrol Syntec guys. I've used it in all my old VWs over the years, and now in my growing fleet of Audis. BTDT on the Mobil 1 too, seems noisier and engine gets hotter faster - I live in Arizona so heat is always a major concern.

Regarding 3k oil changes...I can't say that I always change at 3k, but if I'm under the Avant (or the Coupe, or the other Coupe, or the other Avant...geez) - which seems to be often - I change the oil. I don't think you can change oil too much...



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I have tried many brand and its knocking in the head. Lifter noise. 
I tried Mobil1 cause lot of people here have one religion=Mobile1. But the lifter did not like it.

I then put back Castrol synthec and the engine run smoother and no NOISE anymore.

And, i never change oil every 3k,,,,, oh myyyyy... its an engine, not a baby to change, the oil can do last more than that !!, and i have something else to do with my part time :-).

Experience is the best way to learn :-).

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  I agree, with Kneals experience with Castrol - 20W50 summer, 10W40 Winter
  works consistantly well and change every 3K miles then no problems.

  I'll throw in my experience factor on Synth as well.  I have tried many oils
  and grades of them mostly in Audi I5's, but a lot of VW 4's and some GM eg.
  older smallblock Chevy.

  For the I5's in general, nothing I've used has kept lifters from ticking
  better than Castrol Syntec 5W50.  I don't care about all the regurgitated
  advertising hype that I keep hearing about Syntec not being "pure" Synth,
  etc..  All oils need to have a source to form the molecules - either by
  cracking non-synth stocks, or forming from smaller basic organic components.
  int the end they get "synthesized" into something radically different than
  what they started out as.

  Now I have not tried some of the Royal Purple, Rotella Synth, etc. I keep
  hearing about, as they are not generally available off the shelf around
  here.  Probably very good stuff.   I have not found a Mobil Synth. that has
  the visc. range of Syntec, but hear they have one out now.  I also know that
  many of the newer engines like thinner oils with a lower Visc. so my
  experience does not apply to them.

  Anyway, I have been using Syntec for years with great results and have had
  some things happen that are similar to the Syntec commercial where they
  drain the oil and the engine keeps running.  When I use something different,
  including Mobil. I with the widest range I could find, I don't get as good
  of results - usually lifters ticking once the engine gets hot.  This is a
  generality and some engines are lesss picky.

  I forget a lot of the Organic chemistry, but know what has worked from
  experience.  I believe Castrol has a good product regardless that its
  competitor says it doesn't use the same manufacturing process they do -
  hogwash!  What matters is the end result.

  I really didn't want to get caught up in any oil war threads, but it bothers
  me that I often see incorrect or misleading information get taken as the
  final truth.  Just presenting a different view, as it seems some things
  become "gospel" that shouldn't necessarily be.


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  PO indicated my 200q20v grew up on Castrol dino oils to the ripe old age of
  140K by the time I acquired it.  I've kept up that practice for another 90k
  miles so far.  I change oil/filter at "about" 4k.  I don't really see any
  reason to pay for synthetics to be used in equipment designed before there
  were synthetics.

  I use dino Rotella in my diesel tractors.

  At 07:48 PM 6/1/2005 -0600, Ed Kellock wrote:
  >I use the Rotella non-synth in my V8's.  I also used the synth one
  >winter.  Can't tell much in such a short time though.  This was
  >partially a result of my dad using 15W40 in the Mercedes that we had
  >back in the mid 70's.  He went with the diesel grade oil because we
  >lived in the desert and he wanted the extra vicosity.  That car ended
  >up with over 200k on it 20 years later.]

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