Lug bolts mod

Brady Moffatt brady at
Fri Jun 3 17:32:48 EDT 2005

Try Volvo lug bolts. They have the same thread pitch, diameter as Audi, but
they are cone not ball. I assume you didn't really mean 90 degree? That
would be flat. 45 maybe? 19mm bolt head is the other difference. I got a set
of used ones for my urq from a Volvo dealer. A buck each.


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From: tihol tiholov [mailto:tihol.tiholov at]

Hi all,
Got some TSW and some Ford Escort wheels, both with cone-shaped lug bolt
seats.  I'm told they're "standard" cone, should mean 60 degrees.  Saw
somewhere that 90 deg cone seats exist, too.  
? Can anyone confirm this?

Trying to fit the wheels on VAG products: Escort on Typ 89 and TSW on a New
Beetle.  Cone-shaped bolts were recommended @ $5+ bux each.  That'll put me
at about 200 bux for all - kinda steep I find.  Thinking of machinig some
OEM VAG bolts (got lots of those) from ball seat to cone seats.  Anyone done
that and kept the wheels on the car?  
Any advice about this whole thing would be appreciated.


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