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$200?  How do you figure?  Are we talking one car or two here?

5bolts per wheel times 4 wheels is 20 bolts at $5ea is $100 plus shipping.
4bolts per wheel times 4 wheels is 16 bolts at $5ea is $80 plus shipping. and both sell the cone-shaped bolts (known 
as tuner or conical style) for around $2.50 each.

tihol tiholov wrote:

>Hi all,
>Got some TSW and some Ford Escort wheels, both with cone-shaped lug bolt seats.  I'm told they're "standard" cone, should mean 60 degrees.  Saw somewhere that 90 deg cone seats exist, too.  
>? Can anyone confirm this?
>Trying to fit the wheels on VAG products: Escort on Typ 89 and TSW on a New Beetle.  Cone-shaped bolts were recommended @ $5+ bux each.  That'll put me at about 200 bux for all - kinda steep I find.  Thinking of machinig some OEM VAG bolts (got lots of those) from ball seat to cone seats.  Anyone done that and kept the wheels on the car?  
>Any advice about this whole thing would be appreciated.
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