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Fri Jun 3 22:44:20 EDT 2005

IMHO, one of the advantages of the random occasional post
is it gets out to the fans of Audis (hence the name of the list)
in the MOST general fashion. To propose that when a lister
sees an opportunity that another lister may potentially want
just simply stuff it, and leave it to the seller to HOPEFULLY
make contact on his own to such a large forum is ridiculous!
I personally benefitted from a referral post in which I got my 
SEEKING the car. So, I certainly WASN'T checking the 
marketplace. And ABSOLUTELY wasn't subscribing to 
newspapers around the country, looking for a car. My car
was simply the right opportunity at the right time. If I 
hadn't heard of from the list, the car would've ended up with
whom knows who, possibly not a lister. I know of other listers 
whom had benefitted similarly. Although I can recognize the 
need for organization and compartmentalization in order to limit 
bandwidth, these posts are quite occasional, and heck, more 
bandwidth is lost on rants such as this. IMHO, control could've 
been acheived with respect and reasonability. The transgressions 
were minor, the responses were overblown. Hardly shows respect in either
direction. I, for one have for many a time, appreciated the leads
I've gotten from the main list. I hope others have too.

So, lets get back to talking Audis, and, FREE PIZZO!


On 6/3/05, Kent McLean <kentmclean at> wrote:
> Lyle wrote:
> > I was merely suggesting
> > that rather than argue over rules, it might be more useful to sidestep the
> > issue by creating a new list, for instance "great-deals-on-used-audis" to
> > which people could either subscribe, or not, as they chose.
> And how is that better than subscribing to the current Marketplace?
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> Kent
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