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KWSTURTZ syfer at mindspring.com
Fri Jun 3 23:45:09 EDT 2005

Lyle wrote:

>If you think this is a bad policy, there is very, very little preventing you
>from creating a new mailing list which has whatever rules you prefer.
>That's the beauty of the Internet.
>majic Wrote 

>Allow me to give my 2 cents worth.
Seams to me it does not hurt for this club to be a little open after
all it is i thought supposed to be a relaxed sharing of info  could that
not include  assistance in buying ot or selling  ? .

My opinion of the responses it that they are arrogant  and lecturing 
kind of gives me pause in reading the posts sort like i don't want to 
see a email from  mom bitc'ing me out for not ironing my shirt right 
responding to my email asking her for advice in housekeeping.,  what i 
would like to see is lots of replies to my and others questions and a 
who lot less what you( the responder)  call moderating (lecturing on 
proper use of a user group) and at the last SARCASM, from the Mod.

>Gee, what paper should I subscribe to for these cases?
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