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Sat Jun 4 09:38:43 EDT 2005

In the case of my car, the marketplace wouldn't have worked, 
because I was informed by a lister of a car that wasn't his to
sell. And marketplace rules don't allow one to post items that
aren't you're own. Not saying blatent violation of rules should
be condoned, but since this seems occasional enough, a gentle
reminder of the intent and rules of the list would've been enough 
to help limit this coming from every Tom, Dick and Harry. IIt was
the heavy handed administrative approach by ONE administrator
that lead to the general group conscience rising up, looking for
admittedly immature "entertainment". In my field, group conscience
is an important tool for self examination, if the group feels that 
something done was ""wrong" it behooves the "wrongdoer" to 
examine themselves. Doesn't mean that the rest of the group was
right either, but it does mean there are things that the general "butt
of the jokes" should look into about themselves. As I said earlier,
since the primary interest of this group is all things Audi, when a
lister benefits, the group does. Reherding back to the rules would
be a function of the admin, but, as another lister noted, don't most
people get a chance to "f-up". A simple set of procedures could be
considered. (one in-approapriate post, one warning, 2nd, second
warning, 3rd, THEN, and only THEN consider suspension or whatever),
to keep someone from using this forum for commercial listings.  But,
I for one am glad to have benefitted from the occasional "inappropriate"
post. After all, this is Audifans, not Adminfans. If that gets me banned,
so be it. 


On 6/4/05, Mike LaRosa <mrmotoguzzi00 at> wrote:
> ummmmm,  i signed up for marketplace notificaton
> yesterday after brett's last e-mail.  I've gotten a
> few notices, works well.
> Picking on brett is fun, but the notification works.
> So, lets give 'em a break ?
> See Ya,
> Mike,
> --- Kent McLean <kentmclean at> wrote:
> > Lyle wrote:
> > > I was merely suggesting
> > > that rather than argue over rules, it might be
> > more useful to sidestep the
> > > issue by creating a new list, for instance
> > "great-deals-on-used-audis" to
> > > which people could either subscribe, or not, as
> > they chose.
> >
> > And how is that better than subscribing to the
> > current Marketplace?
> >
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> > Kent
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