Fuel Pump Relay question

Chris Hall badcomrade at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 11:27:09 EDT 2005

I just picked up a new set of wires with loom today.  Haven't put them on yet.

Get this:

Somewhere in the "archives" someone said something about the
resistances for the wires and coil wire being like... 6000 ohms for
coil and 2000 for plug.  I think Huw's site even says 10,000 for the
coil if I recall?  Anyway... my wires tested at these specs.  Well,
the -bosch- wire set I just picked up has the values listed on the
wires.  Says 1000 on the plug wires, and 5000 on the coil wire. 

Still think it's weird that after the engine dies, it just -won't-
start right back up.  That doesn't seem like something bad wires could
do...  Then all the sudden it starts right up... then dies and starts
the process over.

I put that new cap and rotor on the car on Monday and it drove
-perfectly- until last night, where it backfired, stalled... took 10
minutes to start.  Last night was the first HUMID night all week, so
that's why I'm suspecting the plug wires.

On 6/4/05, Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Chris Hall wrote:
>  > ... I'm wondering if the plug wires are arching.  I'd LIKE to do the
>  > "spray bottle" test, but 85% of my plug wires are in that loom that
>  > mounts to the valve cover, so the problem could be hidden in there...
> The weakness in the wires will more than likely be at
> the ends, by the spark plug and distributor terminals.
> So wait for a dark night and spray those areas, and
> don't worry about what is under the cover.
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