4000q max tire size 17''

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 5 04:04:42 EDT 2005

  I just came across this message. So here is your Answer.
They sort of fit.  With some alignment tweaking they would be OK.  I
wouldn't recommend them though.  Maybe a 225/46-16 would be perfect.  But in
17 they are a touch to big.  At first I had rubbing on the front edge of the
fender while turning and backing up.  Switching to Delrin Control Arm
bushing helped.  And Under heavy braking I was getting a little bit of
rubbing on the Rear of the Right side up against the Frame Rail.  Very light
rubbing but it was there.
    With some work to Alignment and maybe some Caster Correcting Custom
Balljoints to add .5 or 1degree Caster and then some trimming ont he front
edge of the fender "Down low, by whre the ir Dam Sits, I might work. On an
newer body 4k, I doubt it.  The 84' has a little more room due the the "NOT
    Hey, I'm in Belize now.  And I think I'll be brining my 4ktq down.  With
15" wheels for the rough dirt roads down here.  BUT...I NEED AC.  Any ideas.
Someone a while back posted about a compact VW AC Compressor they used on
their 10vt conversion.  Do you know what application works well.  I'm
assuming I need to move the Alternator to the Turbo Side like on the ur-q.
And then make some custom AC hoses to go to the compressor.  I'm just after
a SMALL compressor that will work well and has a pulley that will work well
with the belts the 4k and 5k normally use.


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> Todd, let me know what you find, my bet is that they rub, I've been
> contemplating fitting that size to my 80, but I'm really sure it will rub.
> Tires have amazing way of rubbing once you get the car bouncing around and
> loaded on its suspension, I'll be very interested to see your results.
> Javad
>> I'd be happy to send you a pic of my 4ktq with 17" HRE's
>> installed.  225/45-17" RE-730's Installed.  ITs a TIGHT FIT.
>> And they look HUGE on there.  I have not driven it yet but they
>> appear to fit at full lock and with suspension compression.  I'm
>> worried about the clearence at full lock between the inside
>> shoulder of the front inside tire and the frame rail infront of
>> your feet.  Its VERY close.  
>>  I'll have better Data in a few weeks.
>>  l8r
>>     Todd
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>>> You could fit an 18" with 215-35-18, I had this on my 80
>>> quattro which
>>> dimensionally is the same as a 4kq.
>>> Javad
>>> In a message dated 9/11/2003 6:36:38 PM Pacific Standard Time,
>>> repaair at msn.com writes:
>>> What is the largest 17" tire usable on a 85' 4000.
>>> Not lowered using bilstein HD and coilovers.
>>> Wheelwell massaging is allowed.
>>> Thanks,
>>> James Woods
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