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Sun Jun 5 22:26:58 EDT 2005

Brett Dikeman wrote:
>You put a known-working relay into the car, so it's not the relay.   
>From bypassing the relay, you know it's not the wiring to the pump  or the pump itself.  Now we learn there's no spark.  Spark is  controlled by the ECU triggering the output stage.
<<< snip >>>

Wow you guys !  I sure learned a lot today !  Thanks for the many responses.   I have a fever and cannot respond individually today.   Later in the week.  :-)

My hubby finally took the hall sender apart and rebuilt it from parts from another 87 or 88 Audi distributor.
The "windows" didn't quit fit, but he made them fit and now I can run the car.
Progress, I got to drive it home! thank goodness --   I hate leaving my car on other people's property, especially in the city.

By the way -- two years ago when I was talking with you all on this very list, many of you said it was probably the hall sender and I wanted to replace it way back them.
Hubby:   "That is $400 part and that is too expensive."   So the car has ran like garbage all this time, I spend
$700 to find out the guy is a rip off artist (IF I have time I will file complaint with BBB), and he still has to fix the car himself.    So far except for Minnesota he is my BEST mechanic.   :-)  I told him that today.


It still have lack of power !!!!!!!!!    Like no boost or something.   Especially up hill -- it is TERRIBLE!

So I plan to buy some relatively inexpensive parts say $35 - $150 ((or whatever) because the car is getting very old and almost nothing has been replaced.

So can anyone advise parts might be causing this lack of power ???????????

I am going to have him take the wastegate apart and replace that little diaphram or whatever it is just to be sure.

Anything else?


Cheers and Night night - see ya all tomorrow !


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