4 hours of repair and $500 later ...Clarification !

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Mon Jun 6 14:57:07 EDT 2005

Robert Myers wrote:
>The FP relay is basically just a sophisticated on/off switch.  The jumper bypasses the relay and simply turns on the electrical power to the FP.
>Has the distributor cap been pulled to inspect the rotor and cap?  All OK?  Or badly burnt and corroded - all carboned up?  Replace cap and rotor if present ones are in bad shape.

He had to build a new hall sender from an old one from another car, '87 or '88 and work with it til he got it to fit.

Car is now running, but he did some more stuff last night.   Don't know whether the hose deep insidehe took off will make a difference.

We are going down together to Sedona and ask for money back.
If not, letter of complaint to BBB and perhaps a letter from an attorney as well.
I am consdiering going to small claims court for $650 for nothing is a huge 
amount of money to me!!!!!!!!!

My husband said he didn't change any parts at all.

thanks - Fay

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