2 bennett coil-overs on 4kq

Bernie Strub quattro at strubranch.com
Mon Jun 6 21:50:11 EDT 2005

I have run my 4ktq for 5 years with the 2Bennett coil-over setup.  I have
also installed that setup on two other cars.  Their package is manufactured
by Ground Control, who *will* sell you a package direct, but doesn't like to
do so.  They will send you to 2B.  The kit is properly engineered, and seems
to be fairly reliable (no problems to date, knock wood).  It does take a bit
of doing to install, as you have to modify your struts by removing the lower
spring perches, leaving a smooth surface for the aluminum sleeves to slide

My 4ktq is running 325# front and 250# rear.  I also have delrin bushings on
all the control arms, fresh ur-q "blue" strut mounts, and Bilstein sport
dampers.  I find the setup a compromise, both for street and track.  It is
too soft for the track, allowing more roll and dive than I want.  Meanwhile,
on the street, it can be a bit stiff, although if you have smooth roads or
just like a stiff suspension, it would be fine.  I don't personally mind the
ride, but some others have observed that it was not for them.  If you don't
plan on taking it to the track, I would soften the rates a hair, and likely
be pretty happy with it.

On our 2700# 1989 80Q track car, we are experimenting with spring rates,
currently 400# front 600# rear.  We may go stiffer, but need to finish the
MC installation first :)


Nate Said:
My 4000q is desperately needing new suspension, and I will likely be
undertaking a total rebuild of the suspension this summer.  I like the idea
of the coil-overs because they would allow me to have a much stiffer spring
rate without sacraficing all my ground clearance like a H&R set up would.
I'm interested to hear if anyone else has had 2B coil overs, what is a good
hard spring rate to get, or just any opinions on the 2B setup.


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