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Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Jun 7 00:09:15 EDT 2005

Just thought I'd add fuel to the fire, since this thread seemed to be 
fading away...

> Seams to me it does not hurt for this club to be a little open after
> all it is i thought supposed to be a relaxed sharing of info  could that
> not include  assistance in buying ot or selling  ? .

Actually, it's not a club, it's a labor of love provided free by the 
people who run the server and maintain the software (Dan Simoes (owner), 
Brett Dikeman, Mark Chang, etc.).

It's also not a democracy, as people seem to think.  It's a benevolent 
dictatorship, and has been for fifteen-odd years.

> In the case of my car, the marketplace wouldn't have worked, 
> because I was informed by a lister of a car that wasn't his to
> sell.

I think there is such a simple solution to this.  If someone sees an 
Audi for sale somewhere and wants to bring it to "our" attention, they 
should leave a note on it telling the seller about the marketplace.

Then they can decide if they want their contact info going on the www.

As far as the "accidental" buyer factor, the marketplace digest is 
incredibly user friendly.  1-2 mails a day, takes about 5 seconds to 
skim the listings.

As far as arguing with the rules, they is what they am.  Wherever they 

Huw Powell



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