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Did you miss this part of Shokan's website were it clearly shows their
warranty/return policy? It states that warrantied items must be

I can't see how returning a defective item to receive an exchange
would warrant a bad experience. With buying used parts comes the risk
of that part arriving defective, it's par for the course, and why you
save over half of new cost. If you drove 100 miles to buy a new TV
from Best Buy and when you got home it was found to be defective, do
you think Best Buy would mail you a replacement, and let you keep the
broken one?

Expecting a part vendor to just trust a perfect stranger that the part
they sent to you is defective, and that you should not need to return
it for proof is a bit absurd. That is not how you run a profitable
business. I'm surprised they even let you keep the original unit. I
know plenty of vendors that would not have done so. Consider yourself

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On 6/8/05, Beer, Jerald S. <jbeer at> wrote:
> I know there have been mixed reviews in the past, so I thought I would
> share my experience.
> I recently purchased a used condenser for the 91 200q20v. It had a 6
> month warranty. Upon install, it was discovered to be leaking at one of
> the external seams. At first, Shokan wanted me to ship back the bad unit
> and after inspection they would ship me another used unit. Or they would
> immediately ship, charge me a second time and refund the charge when
> they could confirm the original unit was defective.
> I declined that arrangement. After I explained where it was leaking,
> pointed out that it didn't make sense for me to "imagine" a defect,
> especially when I wanted a replacement and not a refund, and when I
> further explained how I  even investigated repairing it on my $$ and
> couldn't (need special equipment capable of handling upwards of 300psi),
> and finally pointed out the unit was remarkably similar to the 10v
> unit,(showing product knowledge)  and we hadn't even discussed
> reimbursing me for the cost in parts and labor to install and remove,
> they " graciously" agreed to ship the second unit. They also agreed they
> didn't want the old one back (since it is an expensive doorstop) as I
> pointed out it would be shipped back at their expense.
> So in the end the experience was OK, but I clearly had to demonstrate I
> know what the heck I was talking about. When buying from them , I would
> strongly recommend a credit card  and use a provider  who is not afraid
> to go to bat for the customer (Amex is very good at that).
> Regards,
> Jerry
> 91 200qa (with ice cold AC)
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