Where to Find Old Yakima Rack Clips

Steve Sears steve.sears at soil-mat.on.ca
Fri Jun 10 14:08:32 EDT 2005

You might try www.rackattack.com - I have dealt with the Toronto store and
found them super helpful.  They can order misc. small parts for a rack, and
also sell some used parts.  I once bought a Thule rack from a wrecker that
was mounted on a Saab - took the rubber feet and clamps off and they were
able to find me a used foot/clamp kit for the '87 5ktq, and gave me credit
for the Saab kit.
Steve Sears
1987 Audi 5kTQ
1980 Audi 5k
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes
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> Not a lot of Audi content here but some. I am looking
> for a set of Yakima Y17 clips for the old SST towers
> for my Yakima rack. These are the clips to fit the
> towers to my 1993 S4. Yakima discontinued the SST
> towers around 1997. I have done searched e-bay and
> googled multiple times. I have only found 1 set of 2
> (need 4) so far, at a bike shop in Chicago. Anyone
> know of an Audi specialist or bike shop or
> recreational supply shop that might have old stock
> around? Or anyone have an old set in the garage they
> don't want? These only fit the 92-97 100/S4/A6/S6
> cars. I really would prefer to drive a S4 on our trips
> bike riding, I have tired of the ford explorer.
> Thanks
> Jim
> 93 S4
> 96 A6

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