NAC..'00 VW Passat 4Motion...$7200 in repairs!!!

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Tue Jun 14 07:47:34 EDT 2005

So, Tyson, tell me what's the difference between a car tha's street-legal 
and one that's street-legal "on-paper."

Being street-legal has to do with complying with laws that tend to be 
written "on paper," no????  <dumbdfounded look on face...>

A car either complies with the law (and, hence, is street-legal), or it 
doesn't, right?  <chuckles>


~ Doug

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I say it again, "street legal ON PAPER" (ie, it has current registration,
emission test and all that rubbish).

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Tyson Varosyan wrote:
 > I did not say that the removal of the cat is legal.

On Sun Jun 12 02:22:59 EDT 2005, Tyson Varosyan (tigran at wrote:

      "Two track cars that I have worked on heavily (which are
      street legal on paper to get from A to B) had shown far
      better number than the previous 4 and 6 years of test
      results, after having the cats removed."


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