Antilock Off

Doug Yoder yoderw at
Wed Jun 15 13:03:19 EDT 2005

Car is a 1991 100 FWD automatic.

I had the instrument cluster out to fix the bouncing speedo problem.
While in there I replaced a burnt out backlight bulb, and noticed one of
the idiot light bulbs was missing, so I replaced it too.

Now the "antilock off" light is on all the time (it was the one that was
missing).  My guess is the previous owner "fixed" the antilock brake
system by removing the bulb...

So, now I am getting around to fixing it correctly... what are likely
suspects that I can check?  Sensors - do I need an o-scope, or can I use
a multimeter?  Also, I have the Bentley manual, but it refers to a fancy
diagnostics computer.

Thanks in advance,
-Doug Yoder
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