US Formula 1 race great for Ferarri, bad for Michelin

Sébastien ROUL s.roul at
Sun Jun 19 18:39:07 EDT 2005

because Michelin are better... they won the 8 first races this year, Ferrari
with Bridgestone won no race till today...

Michelin has planned a too soft tyre for indy which was a mistake and found
it to be dangerous (one driver hit the wall because of the tyre during
friday session and was seiously hurt).

Michelin found an arrangement in order to let the race go on with his tyres,
this arrangement was agreed by everyone but Ferrari... so there was no
arrangement... and they could not go in the race...

Very sad for Formula One which is the best motoring competition in the world
: 900hp in a 3.0 liter displacement engine with only unleaded fuel... that's
technology !

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> >We build race tires, but they can't handle race conditions...
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> >I wonder why McLaren, etc didn't just borrow tires from Bridgestone...
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