type 44 steering rack replacement

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Jun 21 19:20:55 EDT 2005

> I don't know anything about "lube".  I remember once in the late 70's
> helping my dad under my mom's 1978 something with a grease gun...
> that's it  lol  Weren't there grease "fittings" under cars that you
> had to attend to every so often?

Yes, they used to be all over the place.  Like on my '73 F250 p/u

> Still are a whole bunch under my 1990 Ford Econoline van.  Ford's
> Vorsprung is not durch Technik.  Quality there used to be job 1, now
> ... ?

Keep in mind that there is still one on our old quattros (and who knows 
maybe, the newer ones?) - at the u-joint in the middle of the prop shaft.

Huw Powell



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