need to tie it down - 88 5K TQ

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed Jun 29 12:03:45 EDT 2005

I'd use the tow hooks, with chains or cables toward all four corners of the
trailer.  I presume you have a rear tow hook.   My '87 5ktq came with a
trailer hitch, so I assume the rear tow hook was cut off like I had to do
when I installed a hitch on my 200q20v.  Before I got the hitch, we hauled
my 200 using the front and rear tow hooks.

At 09:08 AM 6/29/2005 -0600, Britt Crowell wrote:
>I'm moving tomorrow and I have my 88 5K TQ on my trailer (dual axel) 
>What are the best points to tie it down? This is going to be about a 1500 
>trip it will see a lot of bumps and stuff.

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