Aftermarket Radio Install

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Thu Jun 30 22:30:42 EDT 2005

IIRC, the brown wire is ground.  White wires are pwr antenna.

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So I finally get around to pulling the old display dead Delta radio out 
of my 100, and got a clarion to put in place of it. Now a after market 
radio had been installed previously, as the red wire, brown wire, 
speaker wires, and antenna cables had been cut off and then wired back 
on. I was able to determine that the Red wire from the Audi goes to the 
yellow on the clarion deck, and the and the brown wire on the audi goes 
to the red wire on the deck (bought a harness to see the color matchup, 
then returned it :). To save the time of messing with the antenna 
wiring, I bought the $12 antenna adapter. So I hook it all up, and now 
power to the radio. Nothing. I grounded everything properly, I tested 
my connections, check fuses, and still nothing. This is really starting 
to bother me as I have tried to get it going every night the last week. 
Any thoughts on why it is not getting power? Also, I can still hook up 
the delta and it works fine.


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