C4 (95 A6q) Power Steering Hose Replacement Tips?

Mike Veglia msvphoto at pacbell.net
Fri Mar 4 00:40:35 EST 2005

Our '95 A6q PS high pressure hose appears to have
sprung a leak this evening. I have don the High
Pressure PS Hose on a 5ktq a couple of times now, but
no BTDT yet on the C4. It looks way worse to do than
on the type 44 so any and all tips and advice will be
greatly appreceated. I believe it is the hose becauase
the fluid loss symptom was sudden in a car that never
used any Pento$in prior (and I just checked the
reservoir level last night when topping up motor oil).
The leak appears to be behind the engine (rack or
hose) but I still need to evaluate further in


Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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