Why is one front rotor running than the other??(ufo's)

David Giannandrea giannandrea at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 8 22:47:02 EST 2005

Iain wrote:  "As you know i have just done the front rotors on urs4, the 
nearside is running hotter than offside (uk if that makes a difference) and 
it pulls a bit under braking to the left which it didn't before. I have just

pulled the rotor and pads out on that side, can't see anything obvious (and 
yes Dave and others it is possible to pull it 15 minutes, thanks for the 
advice). Recleaned where the pads fit onto the caliper and a dab of 
copperslip again, piston moves fine in the caliper and the caliper sliders 
move freely too. Is this just a bedding process??? Should i be worried??"

reply: If I read this right, you re-worked the side that is pulling. That is
the side that is working, rework the other side.  -David 

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