dealership parts prices?

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Wed Mar 9 00:04:46 EST 2005

SuffolkD at wrote:
> The list seems to embrace Clair. 

FYI everyone- I know Scott knows this, but some might not.  It's Clair 
Parts Express, not "Clair Audi".  If you call Clair Audi, you'll get 
dealer counter prices.  If you call CPE, you'll get dealer minus about 
10% or so (I think, I forget exactly).  They're very consistent on that 
pricing, which makes CPE a good source for parts which don't carry 
insane dealer prices.

   Sometimes parts are available from Worldpac dealers for much cheaper- 
for example one set (front or back, I don't remember) of brake lines 
were very cheap from Worldpac but CPE came very close for the other. 
The CPE price on one set was almost 2x what worldpac wanted.

Part of the reason I like CPE is that if I order before lunch, it's 
there next day in most cases if it wasn't in stock, and they're less 
than 30 minutes away. Great for if I'm in a pinch.

Do Mac a favor and try to do your best to get part numbers etc before 
you call...they're not -really- a retail operation.  A lot of their 
business is with area shops and other dealers who individually do a lot 
more business with CPE than probably the whole list put together, if you 
catch my drift...

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