Pentosin Degreaser

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Wed Mar 9 23:37:40 EST 2005

Just be certain that the cleanliness you desire is worth the etching
it'll do to bare metal surfaces. If you like the look of the bare aluminum
that's on the heads, IM's etc., be prepared, it'll look chalky and etched
when you're done, unless you literally wash it off as it hits (with TONS
of water). So, if you want the bare alum look, look for other cleaning 
solutions first.


On Wed, 09 Mar 2005 10:05:09 -0700, Keith Lawyer
<LawyerKG at> wrote:
> I've never tried Castrol SuperClean on Pentosin, but I agree w Larry, that is I love the stuff.  I haven't found much it can't clean.  Buy it by the gallon at Wally World.
> Keith L
> >>> LL - NY <larrycleung at> 03/09/05 09:54AM >>>
> If the stuff is REALLY serious, I've used Castrol degreaser (in the
> purple bottle)
> which is rather caustic, so it will etch any bare aluminum surfaces. I
> did it on
> the bell housing and tranny case of my 200, which suffered from Green Gold
> coating when the inner boot of my steering rack failed.
> LL - NY
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