Phoenix Audi Dealership ?

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Tire pressure?  Dragging brake?  Has this pull always existed or did
it just manifest recently?  If so, have you had any recent event with
a pothole, curb, or something?  For a pull, camber or caster have to
be out.  Toe being wrong will equalize and result in a crooked
steering wheel.  Do the roads there have a significant crown that
falls of the left?

As a matter of course, I'd suggest checking tire pressures in the
front, left to right.  Make sure they're equal.
Then rotate tires front to back, one side at a time.
Then check the brake pads on both sides for any unusual wear from side
to side.
Make sure all tires are the same size and  brand.  (I had a pull on my
CGT once when a tire shop put one tire that was one size larger than
the rest on the rear of my car).

If all that checks out right, then you might chase alignment.  As I
recall, you have a FWD 5k, so any good alignment ship should be able
to handle the job.  Look for an independet shop with Bear equipment.
They are usually shops that are knowledgeable and experienced.


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> Hi !
> It looks like I am going to need to get a front end allignment
(unless something else is causing my car to pull to the left in
> Can anyone tell me about the Audi dealership in Phoenix ?
> Thanks - Fay
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