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Thu Mar 10 21:29:03 EST 2005

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> I had a 300 Touring for a while during our testing and couldn't get it to
> drive around in about 1" of snow without the traction control kicking in or
> the car just sitting, unable to move.
> RWD with electronics is barely better than plain old RWD. Tires make the big
> difference, and what the Touring came with were comfort tires, not a useful
> all-season. The 300C we had didn't have the best all-seasons either.
> Just like AWD doesn't make a lick of difference in the snow if you're
> running summer tires. AWD, ESC, traction control ... They don't overcome
> physics.
> Jon 

Surprised to hear that. I recall looking at the test. It wasn't "Consumer 
Reports", but I recall it was somewhere reputable. Not "European Car" or the 
like. I suppose there is no question that the tires ought to be "the right tool 
for the job".

Sorry to hear that, my GF has ordered a Magnum, and I can hardly resist. If 
only it came with the 300 interior.


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