Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Sat Mar 12 21:55:35 EST 2005

Keith Sturtz wrote:

> I checked and cleaned the front sensors ( are there back ?) and how 
> can i "jumper" ? i cant tell for shure ( most of the feel is in pedal) 
> but i think it is one of the fronts that lock BTW 1990 200 TQ
> Tony Hoffman wrote:
>> Keith,
>> Something to do with one of the sensors. You need an o-scope to 
>> diagnose this, but you can jumper them together to figure it out 
>> also. The wheel(s) that lock(s) up at first is(are) not the bad 
>> one(s). The one that doesn't lock up is the problem child. I went 
>> through this on a 5000 TQ, only to find the broken sensor had been 
>> stuck to the side of the strut housing.
>> Tony Hoffman
>> Keith Sturtz <syfer at mindspring.com> wrote:
>>     MY ABS system when start up car pull out and hit brakes you get a
>>     Spring
>>     effect (brakes lock thing pop loose sprung feeling at brake pedel)ABS
>>     system shuts off and stays off if you dont hit braks soon after start
>>     no ABS system will just shut off after a few if you turn on abs
>>     system
>>     at switch and hit brakes right away you will get the same spring
>>     effect
>>     and by the way the car will not come to a stop very fast so if i pull
>>     out right after i start car and have to slam on brakes to try to
>>     avoid a
>>     acadent im outa luck.
>>     I have replaced all brakes , Cleand the abs sensors, and replaced the
>>     ABS relay .
Now that you cleaned the sensors, loosen the sensors again and tap them 
lightly all the way in. Keep the sensor pressed with your finger and 
tighten, then try. If no change, test the sensors. There should be 
continuity and no short against the magnet or shield. In my case tapping 
did the trick, after which the sensor caps where renewed and all was 
well since.



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