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Jon Linkov jon at
Sun Mar 13 11:33:50 EST 2005

Eggg-ZACTLY! If I had zero health-care costs because the taxes took care of
that, or if the taxes were returned to me in a form of some benefit (heck,
free garbage service would be fine) then I'd be in favor of a gas tax.
Although I am sure there is a great debate about the QUALITY of the free
(from your taxes) health-care our friends in Canada/UK/Europe receive...

And while I like some of his columns in the NYTimes, Paul Krugman is a
nutcase if he believes a $1 national tax on gas (which he advocates) will
make people like me stop driving and take mass transit. It takes me 45-60
minutes to drive one way to work. To take mass transit would make that trip
90-105 minutes (conservative estimate) and cost a HECK of a lot more than
what I pay for gas in terms of $$ and time.

Maybe consumption taxes ARE the way to go. Tax on what you use rather than
just income, etc.

And maybe we can get people to pay school taxes based on the number of kids
they have USING the services, so people without kids don't get screwed (like
me and my wife!).


On 3/13/05 4:28 AM, ""Ed Kellock" <ekellock at>wrote:

> That's what I don't get... the idea that since our end-user cost is
> less than in Europe. we've got it so good, we could stand to pay more.
> Such rot.  The makeup of the end-user price as compared between the US
> and Europe is so different. there is no meaningful comparison that can
> really be drawn unless you break it down.

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