[s-cars] AAN Oilpan Removal

Joshua van Tol josh at spiny.com
Mon Mar 14 14:54:54 EST 2005


I would advise you not to pull the pan. You don't have much to lose at 
this point by fixing the oil system and firing it up. If the rod 
bearings are truly thrashed enough to make noise, the crank is already 
damaged. I'd drain whatever small amount of oil remains in the 
crankcase and see what it looks like. If there's lots of metal shavings 
or chunks of stuff, then the engine will have to come out. Otherwise, 
fix the leak, fill it up, and start the engine. A few minutes idling or 
running at 2000 rpm under no load won't do much damage beyond whatever 
has been done. Probably the noise will go away as the lifters pump up. 
If not, it could be rod knock, which will sound more like a tock-tock 
type of noise rather than the clatter that the lifters make. Also, 
it'll be louder on deceleration.

So, to test for rod knock, do the following.

1.) Start the engine, if it's making no noises at idle, let it warm up 
completely, otherwise proceed to the next step immediately.

2.) Rev the engine to 3000 rpm or so, then let the throttle snap shut. 
Listen for a tock-tock noise to happen while the engine is slowing 
down. If you hear such a noise, suspect rod knock.

3.) If you pass step 2, repeat for progressively higher engine rpms.

On Mar 14, 2005, at 7:01 AM, Douglas Fifield wrote:

> At the suggestion of several members, I am thinking about removing my
> oilpan.  As I recall, the sub-frame needs to be moved to do so which
> can be done by removing the two forward bolts, right?  What happens
> when one does so?  What is the sub-frame supporting that might come
> down as well at that point?
> Inquiring minds want to know.
> -- 
> Douglas in MN
> 95.5 S//6 Avant
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