Suggestions before aligning lowered CGT?

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at
Mon Mar 14 16:31:45 EST 2005

Hey all
I am taking my CGT in to be aligned by the local Euro wrench (they have a
new fancy schmancy Snap-On machine, and I'd don't trust the local dealer
with my coupe).
Anyway, the entire suspension is new--bushings, strut bearings, tie rod
ends, Boge TG--and lowered a bit with H&R's.  Before I go in, any BTDT's on
the alighnment specs or things to discuss with the tech?  I've seen some
older, sometimes heated threads about this, but they seem to focus on the
suspension travel on type 44 cars when using H&R's.    
Jonathan Monetti
'02 A4q 1.8t
'87.5 Coupe GT

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