WTB '83 CGT/UrQ turn signal lenses

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Tue Mar 15 03:46:07 EST 2005

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> Not getting any response from the marketplace, so seeing if anyone has a 
> set.
> I need both lenses for the turn signals mounted in the bumper. These are not 
> the one piece assemblies that came in the later cars, but the lenses that 
> screw into the turn signal housing. 
> Thanks,
> Ben

Ben, and anyone else

I am looking into buying an '83 CGT parts car. I really don't want much off 
it, but the junk yard won't part it and insist that I buy the whole car. I am 
waiting for the snow to go away and will look into it further. Check with me in 
a month or so. I'm in Massachusetts.

Tom Faust

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