Suggestions before aligning lowered CGT?

Ado Sigal a.sigal at
Wed Mar 16 17:55:07 EST 2005

Jonathan Monetti wrote:

>Hey all
>I am taking my CGT in to be aligned by the local Euro wrench (they have a
>new fancy schmancy Snap-On machine, and I'd don't trust the local dealer
>with my coupe).
>Anyway, the entire suspension is new--bushings, strut bearings, tie rod
>ends, Boge TG--and lowered a bit with H&R's.  Before I go in, any BTDT's on
>the alighnment specs or things to discuss with the tech?  I've seen some
>older, sometimes heated threads about this, but they seem to focus on the
>suspension travel on type 44 cars when using H&R's.    
>Jonathan Monetti
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>'87.5 Coupe GT
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Whatever settings you decide to go for, make sure that the subframes are 
aligned to give equal castor on both sides, and sub/bushings are OK.

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